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Monday, November 28, 2011

Julia's New Headshots = Check out this Photographer!

In May of 2011 I had the good fortune to meet a wonderful photographer through organizing a solo recital in Reading, PA.  Don Carrick, a Berks County Resident of 15 years and originally a native of Washington D.C., is also an experienced photographer, and explained that he'd been interested in expanding his clientele for Headshot Photography for a long time now as he enjoys working with people in the Performing Arts and he likes to take pictures that accentuate a person's individuality.  Therefore, Don and I worked out a plan where he'd take some great photos for me, and I'd show them off.

So, as all artists know, a  person's work normally speaks for itself, and by this same token, I believe it's easy to see Don's ability by looking at the photos he took of me.

(You should take into account that I am really NOT photogenic at all and Don was patient enough to go through at least 600 photos before I finally started not looking terrible.  So, for those of you who aren't naturally comfortable in front of the camera, that experience alone shows that Don's the kind of photographer who understands how to help you relax and get the best out of your time with him.)

The two photos above are those that we chose out of over 1,000 photos, to be my final and official new Headshots.  What do you all think?

Most importantly, for those of you who would like to contact Don to set up a photo shoot with him you can click this hyperlink to visit his professional website or email him here.  He has UNBELIEVEABLE rates (a.k.a.- for the amount of photos you take and the time Don will spend with you, this man is offering you the opportunity of a lifetime to really get photos that represent you well) and he is also a professional editor and retoucher, so you don't have to take your photos anywhere else after you've worked with Don- he does everything for you in one stop! Remember, Don does all genres of photos, and not JUST headshots, so if you'd need photos for another occasion- he's also someone to call.

So, to sum it all up, hope you liked checking out my new photos, and if you're in South Eastern Pennsylvania----Get in touch with Don Carrick, you won't be sorry!!!


  1. All I can say is WOW! He did a beautiful job. Congratulations, and I hope they are very successful for you.

  2. Thanks Gale! ;) Your support is so wonderful, and I am so glad that you liked the photos---I will keep you posted on whether or not they're successful in getting me hired more frequently! ;) I have a feeling they're more me than my older ones though, so that's a good sign.