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Julia's thoughts become prolific..... (just kidding!)

So, for all of you readers who are interested in knowing more about me and my life; I just found out that today I was quoted on a website of the Children's Chorus that I was in throughout my adolescence!  If you'd like to see the proof yourself, please just click on the title of this post and it will take you to the website via hyperlink right to my quote!!


Thanks for reading! (And, there will be more posts coming soon- I've been so swamped I really haven't been able to finish one of them, though there are approximately four in the making..yeesh!)

Answers to Some Great Questions About Practical Opera Stuff

A very dear friend of mine recently asked me for information about practical opera matters which are the things that might only interest singers (or not) and anyway, I wanted to provide the answers that I'd be typing to her in an email also to all of you, so that everyone could benefit from what I'd be typing anyway :) (and also because I'm a stickler for not doing 'double-duty' when it comes to everything, lol).  Therefore, I will try to pose the answers to these questions in a series of posts- because when I considered what my answers to her questions would be- I realized they'd be WAY too long for just one post.  So, the first of these posts will be this one, and it will deal with:

First off, I have to explain that I do have a boyfriend in Germany and extended family there, so I never had to really worry about finding a long-term housing situation (which will probably be something that most peo…