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There is nothing like hunger to drive a person to complete a task that they have been previously avoiding. Therefore, I am foregoing lunch today in order to actually communicate with all of you lovely people who are reading this- and therefore care- about my experiences in Germany (or, are at least, curious). Since I am as scatter-brained as the next person, I will not try to organize my thoughts into any sort of chronological order, order of importance, or any other sort of organizational format, period. I am, of course, apologizing up front to those of you who may find my disregard for these methods annoying or tiresome, but I just can't seem to think long and hard enough to actually be that clear in my writing, or memories, for that matter. So, I will launch right in. I am beginning this blog because I am unequal to the task of emailing or facebooking everyone the stories of my experiences each day here (which are many) since the time I have to communicate at the end of the d…