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The Recital Dresses, Part Two: I Need Your Help!

Okay, I am FINALLY posting dress pictures on here so that I can benefit from your collective fashion advice.  As you can remember, your votes will determine which dresses I will be wearing for my upcoming recitals!!!  So, thanks in advance for your help and your opinions! ;)

A few notes before you vote:

1. Disregard my hairdo in these pictures.  My hair will be in an up-do of some sort for the recitals, so take that into consideration when thinking of the dresses that you like.

2. Consider these dresses numbered from top to bottom as 1 through 10--that way then you comment, you can say, I like dress # 4 the best, etc..

So, thanks for your thoughts and for taking the time to vote in the comments section of this post! :)

Newest 'www.' presence for this summer's activities....

Just wanted to share with you all that if you click on the title of this post, you will be redirected to the website for my first summer musical activity (make sure to scroll all the way down to find my pic and bio--they always seem to do these things alphabetically by last name...go figure!).  I hope that you all enjoy perusing this page, and checking out my very talented colleagues' information too!

There is also this 'www.' presence that has been up for some time now, but perhaps which you haven't seen and which involves my performing in Germany!

I will be posting dress pictures tomorrow for those of you who read the post before this, get your clicking fingers ready to choose the dress of your choice and help me out with fashion advice!!! :)

The Recital Dresses, Part One: I Need Your Help!

Since many of you probably follow my performance schedule on my website I am guessing that you then also know that I have two important solo concert performances coming up: on May 27th in Reading, PA at Trinity Lutheran Church, and on June 5th in Rockledge, PA at Holy Nativity Episcopal Church.  Therefore, since I am interested in making these two performances as interactive as possible, both during and after the concert, as well as before the concert, I realized that I could enlist all of you readers for your opinions and thoughts on what I should be wearing at these important performances.

It will be a sort-of "Recital Dress Elimination", if you will.  I will take pictures of myself modeling each dress that I am considering (complete with jewelry and makeup, of course) and then you will vote in the comments section of this post, for the dress (or dresses) that you like best.
Then, after the top three dresses have clearly been selected by you, I …


The icon above represents something that I've worked very hard on, and something which I am very excited to present to all of you!

I am in the running for $50,000 in the form of a grant from the Pepsi Refresh Project. The project is simple:

-21 scenes in The Magic Flute, 21 auditions at 21 town/cities all across America
-each town/city audition location will be held on college campuses but open to the public of that region
-one scene will be rehearsed and performed and professionally video recorded in each location
-(this means there will be more than one singer singing each part, and more than one orchestra playing each scene, and more than one conductor conducting each scene, and more than one stage each scene will be filmed on, etc...)
-then, all of the film footage (from the rehearsed and performed scenes, as well as behind-the-scenes interviews and rehearsal progress, etc..) will be compiled into one cohesive whole performance of The Magic Flute
-it will be posted on YouTub…