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Sunday, July 17, 2011

IVAI Virginia Wrap-Up: Photos!!

My favorite practice room in Henderson Hall, # 308B (and me in the mirror-lol!)
Since I didn't get a chance to post these photos on here while I was actually in Blacksburg, VA at IVAI, I will post them on here now, so that you guys can see after the fact what things were like there.  I honestly should and would have taken more photos of more people and places in VA while I was there, but you know, as you can see from my photos here- the majority of my time was spent in this lovely little practice room (which amounted to something like 3 hours a day) and then the rest of my time was spent in lessons (something like 4-5 hours a day) and then the rest of my time was spent sleeping, eating, or some other uneventful but necessary thing like that.  However, I do resolve to take more photos when I am in Bad Orb (and have done so already - yahoo!) because I do realize that I am sorely in need of photos with people in them from my time at IVAI.

More of my favorite practice room (including my singing stuff!)

More favorite practice room...

Can you tell how much I liked this room? ;)

This photo was taken after I sung in the Strauss and Mozart Concert on Friday 7/24.

A historical house in Blacksburg, which was moved (hence it's on supports here).

Two lovely ladies and colleagues, Miss Courtney Johnson and Miss Rachel Elise Sigman!

Looking across the 'Drillfield' from one side of campus to the other.

Path leading across the Drillfield.

More drillfield- you can get a sense of how huge it was here.

This is near the lake on campus called the 'Duck Pond'.

Brook leading to the 'Duck Pond'.

Random dorm buildings that I liked with a cool roof.

More random classroom buildings.

Part of the brook and Duck Pond where they met.

Duck Pond.

More Duck Pond (I took a 3 hour walk that night to get these photos)!

Squirrel friend!

More Drillfield, this time at dusk.

More cool buildings.

The main hall on campus- not sure its name but...important building.

Part of the memorial on campus.

More cool dorm buildings.

Dusk on campus in the horticulture garden!

Memorial on campus to soldiers who fought in wars and went to VT.

Campus at sunset----BEAUTIFUL!!!

VT School logo hedge near Squires (the music bldg where we were).

Cool shady part of campus on opposite side from where we were.

My wonderful roomie, Kasia Sadej and me after the welcome party at the President's House!


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