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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Recital Wrap-Up!

An exciting thing happened recently to me: I performed a Solo Recital here in Reading, PA, and I didn't (for once) walk away from it feeling like I could have done it better.  Sure, there were small things that went awry, as with any live performance, but there was nothing that I really felt needed a little more polishing before it went out there to the audience.  All in all, I was pleasantly surprised that it turned out so well.  (Please, those of you who don't know me and might at this juncture think that I'm a bit self-absorbed, know that I normally am my most harsh critic, and have a tendency to undercut even my most impressive successes, so the fact that this particular recital elicited a response such as this from ME, is pretty huge, I have to say.)

And, as if my own happiness with my singing wasn't enough, I found out after the recital was finished that a lovely woman named Gale Martin, who is the author of the wonderfully written and very informative Opera blog, Operatoonity, was in the audience and wanted to email me with a short interview because she enjoyed my performance and wanted to write about it in her blog (you could have pushed me over with a feather at that point)!  So, if your curiousity and interest are peaked: visit the review of my performance here or you can visit Gale's Facebook Page by searching 'Operatoonity' and 'Liking' the page, which links you to the blog as well.

I have to mention too that for those of you who are interested in seeing which dress won the contest and a picture of me IN that dress (which YOU all picked in the last blog post- thank you SO much for your votes!!) I will be posting that in the next week- so stick around and keep checking back (and of course I will post an update on my facebook profile too when that is posted and up)!

Thank you all for helping to make my recital a success, whether you attended, helped with the preparations, voted on a dress, wrote a review, or provided much-needed mental, financial and or physical support in the months/days/weeks/minutes leading up to the performance---THANK YOU!!!

As a final note: How ironic! I finished my recital last Friday and I got a terrible cold on Monday--so, for those of you who were planning on seeing the concert tomorrow- it's cancelled. And, for those of you who want to see or hear the whole thing, email me or message me: I made DVD's and CD's and they can be ordered for $10 and $8 (including S&H within the USA) respectively!

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