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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Musical Adventure 2: Pearl Jam, Elgar Cello Concerto, Strauss' Elektra

Okay, so tonight's new music for me and my thoughts thereupon were as follows: (And--I'm posting this entry right ON TIME as promised in the entry before last---I'm quite proud! ;) )

1. "Betterman" by the band, Pearl Jam was a song that I found after typing into Pandora as my channel "Counting Crows": catchy tune, loved the guitar playing which made it seem almost like music you'd hear at a blues concert, and good moral to the story of the song. Definitely a classic tune, too.

2. Jacqueline du Pre performing the first movement of Edward Elgar's "Cello Concerto" was found on YouTube and can be listened to here by you: I like the really strong and heroic sound of the orchestral accompaniment on the introduction of the theme and the recurrence of the theme throughout, the thickness of sound that du Pre can get out of the cello on each and every note is amazing and I am really captivated by the expression of the sound that she makes- it sounds like the cello is weeping at some points. As a final thought, boy does Daniel Barenboim look young on this video!!

3. Marilyn Zschau and Deborah Voigt performing an excerpt from Strauss' opera, Elektra, which you can see on YouTube here: at about 2:00, Deborah Voigt gets a really possessed look on her face and sings the heck out of these Straussian lines---I loved it! Also, what a wonderful piece for Sopranos to sing, right? I was thinking that while listening to this and how it's composed--the lines keep going upward and never really downward (at least only for a moment when they do) and it is wonderful I'm sure to sing for voices that lie higher on the staff.  And at 6:28 she sings such a beautiful line after which the strings pick it up and continue the melody---what a wonderful and beautiful aria! Gosh...I'm overwhelmed!! Why isn't this opera performed more often!?

Okay, that's it for today: see you guys on here tomorrow with more! :)

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