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Friday, May 20, 2011

The Recital Dresses, Part Two: I Need Your Help!

Okay, I am FINALLY posting dress pictures on here so that I can benefit from your collective fashion advice.  As you can remember, your votes will determine which dresses I will be wearing for my upcoming recitals!!!  So, thanks in advance for your help and your opinions! ;)

A few notes before you vote:

1. Disregard my hairdo in these pictures.  My hair will be in an up-do of some sort for the recitals, so take that into consideration when thinking of the dresses that you like.

2. Consider these dresses numbered from top to bottom as 1 through 10--that way then you comment, you can say, I like dress # 4 the best, etc..

So, thanks for your thoughts and for taking the time to vote in the comments section of this post! :)


  1. I really like 8, 9, and 3! They are all pretty but I like those three the best.... I would wear 8 if I were you (insert cat meow noise here) If you got it, flaunt it! And you got it, babe. :)

  2. 3, 4, 6. 3--classic, 4---sexy and 6 because it fits nice and has a good color that will make you be remembered!

  3. @ Meghan: Thanks! I really like 8 too- it's funny, you can't see it so well in the picture, but the top part of the dress is velvet, and the bottom is silk- so it has a line going diagonally down the dress where the two fabrics meet, and I really like that factor. Plus, it's black, and one-strap, and I like that too, so glad to hear it got some positive feedback :) Thanks!!!

    Glad also that both you and Verunka said # 3- yay!

    Yea, 9 I wasn't so sure bec, I didn't know if the color washed me out too much?

    @ Verunka: #3 I thought so too- classic- yeah, looks like an orchestra concert dress, right? :) and # 4 I really love the colors and the patterns--its Nicole Miller and I got it on super super sale (I'm still shocked that I paid in the under 40 buck range for it!), and 6--you're totally right re: the color- I really love the color, and yeah- I thought the others (all of them actually minus the first one) were kinda big...? They seemed almost to be baggy on me somehow. Ick! I hate dresses! They're so difficult to get right, aren't they!?

    Well- THANK YOU BOTH YOU LOVELY LADIES for giving me such good advice! :) Hugs and Mwah to both of you! Your opinions will be helping to make me look presentable ;) on the 27th- so I very much appreciate it!!!!

  4. I vote for #s 1, 4, 6--distinctive looks that all seem to me a little outside of the recital attire comfort zone, all with great silhouettes. :)

  5. My favourites are no. 1 and the last one. No. 1 even more because it is nice to your figure and has a little "sexy" touch.

  6. @ Dan: Yay! I really like 1, 4 and 6- you're reading my mind!

    @ Thora: I'm so glad that you like 1--that's definitely a keeper since it seems that everyone is voting for that! ;) Also, the very last one (#10?)--that is great- I really love wearing red, so I'm glad that that comes across well on me when I DO wear it! ;)

    Thanks both of your for your thoughts and your posting them for me! :)

  7. Agree with Thora - Love #1 and #10. (The pasily one is really cute too.) I think #1 is most flattering to your figure (although you look great in ALL of them!)

    Maybe you could at least wear #1 to June 5th, since that's the one I'm coming to ;)


  8. @ Deena: So I definitely wore #1 last Friday (perfect for Queen of the Night, right?) and thanks so much for your encouragement on #4 and #10--I love those two too--though, they didnt make the cut simply because I didn't have enough time to change dresses (lol)!

    However, thank you so much Deena for your opinions, and for reading!! :) Hope you are wonderful!!!

  9. #6 looks fabulous and will be remembered. It is a perfect fit.