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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thinking about things.....

Decisions need to be made. Until they are, they will nag at your brain cells when they are least expecting it, creeping up on them like the chill that comes on at nightfall, suddenly cold without any warning to the contrary. Except this mental gnawing at your concentration at the fringes of your mind by a decision needing to be made is something which you actually do have control over. Luckily!

 When you are able to evaluate something in a objective way and really make a decision, whether or not that decision has negative or positive ramifications in the days/months/weeks/years to come is not of your concern in the very moment that you've decided upon some action. Instead, the sheer weight of not having an undecided decision occupying space in your mental soup of daily life is like feeling the weightlessness of space thrust upon you all at once: a rush of energy and happiness in the sheer delight of the feeling of action and having power upon your own life circumstances, even if the manner of exercising this power wasn't at first apparent to you. In fact, besides the unadulterated mirth that you gain in finally choosing one thing over another, you also have the resulting actuality of your decision's outcome yet to be experienced, which is of course, a further source of joyfulness. Not only have you freed yourself from something like an anathema of restlessness mentally speaking, but you have also created a solution and an end goal, both of which, happen to be exactly to your liking at the moment. Thereby, freeing up your current conscious thought for other equally important matters at hand.

 Naturally, most people feel some sort of anxiety during the decision making process, but there is hope simply because on the other side of choosing whatever is to be chosen, your resulting emotional high accompanied by the eventual happening of the outcome chosen, is quite a satisfactory, and even enlivening, process. So, the most important thing to keep in mind when confronting important decisions to be made, is that although the process may seem tedious and too large for your understanding at present, you are awaited by the gift of a reawakened and enlarged (Heightened) self-knowledge as well as the final result of your decision. And that, is a bargain many of us should await with rapture.


  1. Great post, Julia! Beautifully written!
    So....did you make your decision? ;-)

  2. Yes! I can now say so with happiness at having done it and happiness of what is to come from choosing what I chose. :) But, more on that later! Thanks for reading Lola! ;)

  3. What an interesting post! And so well written. Dare I ask what decision prompted this?

    It's funny, I've learned that I make the best decisions when I do the opposite. When I decide not to force myself to decide, but let it roll around until I simply *know* and *feel* what the right choice is. If I try to do it any other way, and when I have to make decisions too quickly and too rationally, I end up simply with more stress, as it often doesn't work out, or I worry I won't be able to hold up my decision.
    But when the decision simply guides me, it always turns out to be right.
    I'm learning to trust and hear that intuition more quickly- to not dismiss my immediate sense of something just because it's immediate and not totally rational. Because it's usually right!

    Maybe that makes sense for you? Or maybe I'm just being an artsy hippie type. haha.

    Love you babe, and we need to talk about you singing in my production- du bist mein Stern! [does that work in German? haha].

  4. Actually, the decision was something exciting to come---so can't disclose just yet ;) But, I am quite glad that it was something you enjoyed reading and it resonated with you, even if you don't take the same path necessarily.

    And, strangely enough, it would seem that I should also operate on instinct too, being that I am artistically-natured, but it just ended up often enough leading me down paths that never came to fruition. Therefore, I designed the personalized credo that you read about above. :) And the good news is, thus far it seems to be working (and to some extent I think, putting myself in the decision mode, gets me out of my head enough in that split-second to really make a decision based on 'instinct' if you both things are taking place at once, I guess...:)lol!)

    So glad that you are enjoying- and thanks for the thoughts!!!!!

    re: singing in your production- of course! And the german 'satz' --- you are sweet! And, it seems to work for me gramatically speaking but..I'm not a native so..let's just go with it :)

    Yours truly,