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Considering the other side of things

Action for action's sake is sometimes enough to get one out of the doldrums that life sometimes has to offer us on its daily 'specials' menu. Not always are we able to choose with heedy anticipation the prixe fixee menu's most halteningly mouthwatering dish, but often, we are left with the moldy bread of yesterday's panini bar. Did we choose this? No. Did we actively do anything to avoid it? No. I mean, who sees things like that coming ahead of time? (Except those who are psychic, and let's face it, we're not in that category.)  Therefore, it is important to remember, action for action's sake does sometimes in those most difficult of sticky-gum periods of life, bring a renewed energy and freshness to something to which you might be overexposed and jaded.

 Even if you are going at something with gusto which you have no idea of the outcome or supposed intent, at least you are generating those feelings which will, in the coming days, bring to whatever you do, a spirit that is open, a mind that is at ease, and a sense of certainty in your own adventurousness. Those qualities in a person are the most prized by others and oneself, even by those for whom every day is as much an adventure as the last. Surprisingly, the people whom we believe to lead lives of careless abandon, jetting off into the sunset and living life by hanging onto a rope with their teeth, also need to keep these principles in mind when they themselves come to a wall of homogeneity in their unpredictability. They too, will need to be reminded, that all of their new experiences gathered together in the reusable shopping bag of life, can produce some icky putrid smells at the bottom as well; once the gallivanting through Egypt begins to stink like rotten eggs after all those re-tellings to “friends” met during airport layovers, or that trip to Borneo to help orphans starts melting like jellybeans in the hot sun of others' views on world-wide stewardship by those who are slated to help for only two months. In fact, those people who, to the majority of us seem like the most privileged and lead the most diverting lives, more often than not, need some understanding of normalcy even stronger than the person who works a normal 9-5 job and lives a relatively predictable existence. 

 Consider, that when they are flying between London and L.A. for a movie premiere, they too could be visiting their Grandmother, but, it is just by the anti-luxury of their lives that taking part in these normal events becomes a background activity in terms of priority when contrasted with their public lives and responsibilities. I'm not asking you to feel sorry for these people of unimaginable wealth and privilege but I am asking you to consider that not only those of us who have relatively normal existences experience these periods of relatively sedating fogs of boredom. Something like that they can settle on anyone and most often it happens when we are caught unexpectedly and unawares. Therefore, know that the certainty of life is doled out to everyone, not exclusive of material worth or situational-differences in life circumstance.


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