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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Further Rotterdam Photo Introspection

 A good friend of mine, Dan, whose informative and interesting music journalism blog can be found at: , was very kind to provide me with information about those cool things that I took a photo of in Rotterdam that looked like bubbles sitting on the water in the harbor.  His addition is as follows:

...those odd "floating," semi-transparent structures are geodesic domes, which were patented by the visionary American architect and inventor Richard Buckminster Fuller.  Interestingly enough, one of SU's architecture profs gave the arts journalism folks a seminar all about  B. Fuller and and his designs--really futuristic stuff worth checking out.  Even more intriguing is the indirect music connection.  Fuller once taught at the short-lived Black Mountain College, an arts-centric liberal arts school considered very progressive for its time.  Other guest teachers included John Cage, Lou Harrison, and Merce Cunningham.  It was kind of an idyllic American utopia for creativity.

So, thank you very much to Dan, whose informative nature and lovely blog-following has helped all my readers out! Thank you all for being so interested!! :)

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  1. It was my pleasure, Julia. And thank you for keeping all of us who are stateside informed on what it's like to establish, develop, and maintain a vocal performance career abroad. It’s really fascinating and important information, in addition to the fact that, above all, it's lovely to be able to stay connected with a close friend.

    And to those of you whom I don't have the pleasure of knowing personally, I'd love to get the conversation going. If you're interested, perhaps I'll catch you over at my blog.

    Once again, Jul, thanks-truly.