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Monday, September 20, 2010

ACK!!! The pianos are 'geschlossen'!!! Um Gottes willen......!

So, lately I have been encountering what seem to be roadbumps along the path of success.  And the most recent is actually the lack of practice rooms with pianos available to me in Dortmund.  I have asked everyone that I know, and I am now desperately begging churches and public spaces in Dortmund with pianos if I may somehow have access to those pianos when they are not otherwise employed, because the pianos that I was happily using, without bothering anyone else of course, have now all been securely locked to those who are not music students at the Technische Universitaet Dortmund.  To which, I say a firm and resolute "DRAT!"

Therefore, plan B, which has yet to come into existence of course, must be quickly enacted, otherwise, as they say in America and NOT in Germany, "I am f*cked!" for my upcoming auditions.  Because of the urgent nature of such a situation, and possibly the knowledge of you, dear Readers, I am asking anyone who knows anything about possible pianistic-free-time-usage in Dortmund is very heartily encouraged to please comment on this blog as soon as you finish reading this!

NOTE: For those of you who are interested in my audition progress: this piano shortage snafoo will make it all the more interesting for me to go through with my audition for an agent in Duesseldorf the day after tomorrow (Wednesday the 22nd of September).  We will see how THAT will go!


  1. I'm sorry I haven't got a clue about the availibility of pianos in Dortmund but I wish you luck nevertheless!

  2. Julia,

    Have you asked any opera studios, voice teacher, accompanists, or even organists if you could use their space for certain times of the day, even in exchange for doing some chores or little pay? Are there any opera studios in Dortmund?? Maybe they have some, I'm sure if you could find an American or English speaking church they would have a piano. I'm not sure how big Dortmund is, but the English speaking church I went to in Rotterdam had a crummy piano in a rec room that I could have rented out if I asked, search the churches you'll find something