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Friday, July 23, 2010

Lotte Lehmann Akademie in Perleberg coming up!

Hope you all are doing wonderfully and just wanted to update you that I will be unavailable to be on the internet and updating the blog from August 1st through August 8th but that I will be back online once I get back to the USA on August 10th. Don't worry- just because I won't be in Germany at that point, you can still check on the blog here for all of your Julia's-singing-life-and-life-in-general updates. I will be posting whatever strikes my fancy in terms of musical interest or otherwise. ;)

But, be aware- this isn't the last post until that time- I just wanted to be kind and alert you all ahead of time! So, the posts will keep coming until August 1st, 2010 and then after August 10th!

Just in case you are wondering what this program actually is, and why I will be taking part in it from August 1-8th, have no fear, the explanation is here! (What can I say? I like rhyming!)

The Lotte Lehmann Akademie is a program that is held in Perleberg, Germany this year (and I am participating in the 3rd week of the program which is 8/1/10-8/8/10) and began on July 19th and will end on August 15th. It is a program that helps singers to get a more 'inside track' on the workings of the 'German system' of opera singing and career building, and hopefully will help me to understand better how to effectively portray my 'singing package' in Europe, and particularly Germany.

I am also excited to be working with the faculty there, as they are all knowledgeable professionals either currently employed in the field of Opera, or who are noted professors at the various 'Musikhochschulen' (the name for a university-level musical conservatory in Germany). I think it's safe to say that I am in for a wonderful opportunity- not to mention the chance to meet so many other wonderful singers!

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