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The icon above represents something that I've worked very hard on, and something which I am very excited to present to all of you!

I am in the running for $50,000 in the form of a grant from the Pepsi Refresh Project. The project is simple:

-21 scenes in The Magic Flute, 21 auditions at 21 town/cities all across America
-each town/city audition location will be held on college campuses but open to the public of that region
-one scene will be rehearsed and performed and professionally video recorded in each location
-(this means there will be more than one singer singing each part, and more than one orchestra playing each scene, and more than one conductor conducting each scene, and more than one stage each scene will be filmed on, etc...)
-then, all of the film footage (from the rehearsed and performed scenes, as well as behind-the-scenes interviews and rehearsal progress, etc..) will be compiled into one cohesive whole performance of The Magic Flute
-it will be posted on YouTube, as well as a companion website dedicated entirely to the film's reception and airing, and screened live as a documentary at as many film festivals and in as many places as I can possibly get it to happen


So, please vote as often as you're allowed, and please tell your friends to vote too! The more people who care about this cause and help to make it a reality, the more likely it will be to see this happening in a town or city near you!!

Thank YOU so much for caring and for voting everyone!!! :)


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